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Alice the Albino Xenomorph ((disguise form)) by reaperdeathlove Alice the Albino Xenomorph ((disguise form)) :iconreaperdeathlove:reaperdeathlove 3 0
Mature content
Hansel the Hedgehog animatronic ((FNAF OC)) :iconreaperdeathlove:reaperdeathlove 0 0
Predator Killer Lady Shark by reaperdeathlove Predator Killer Lady Shark :iconreaperdeathlove:reaperdeathlove 5 2 Angellie air MYO entry, It's now a official design by reaperdeathlove Angellie air MYO entry, It's now a official design :iconreaperdeathlove:reaperdeathlove 2 0 Melanie Flufferbun registration sheet by reaperdeathlove Melanie Flufferbun registration sheet :iconreaperdeathlove:reaperdeathlove 8 6 Creepypasta OC Reaper Opal ROUGH redesign by reaperdeathlove Creepypasta OC Reaper Opal ROUGH redesign :iconreaperdeathlove:reaperdeathlove 7 7
L4D/L4D 2 OC Faith the Witch Hunter crossbreed
Full Name: Faith LilithEcho Morgan
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Sexual interest: DemiSexual ((those who are close to her does she only love, not family they do not count))
Species: Zombie
Type: Special infected crossbreed between a Witch and a Hunter
Occupation: She Observers everyone ((Zombies and survivors)), learns what and how they do things so she can tell others on the opposite side, guides survivors if lost or cannot defend anymore, alarm for survivors if heading to danger and Alarm for Survivors and Zombies to warn them of danger.  
Attacks: she normally does not like to attack without a true reason as she feels it is unnecessary and a waste of time and energy that she could be saving for something important, IF however she is startled from surprise or angered or has to attack she will start growling a strange noise mixed between a hunter and witch growl like sounds, go into a pounce like position getting ready, then she will let out a witch scream mixed with a hunter noise when
:iconreaperdeathlove:reaperdeathlove 0 0
The Lady and the Tramp ((DTA Entry with speedpaint by reaperdeathlove The Lady and the Tramp ((DTA Entry with speedpaint :iconreaperdeathlove:reaperdeathlove 2 0 MMD MLP let's have a selfie Nightmare by reaperdeathlove MMD MLP let's have a selfie Nightmare :iconreaperdeathlove:reaperdeathlove 7 0 Happy ((late)) valentine's day 2017 by reaperdeathlove Happy ((late)) valentine's day 2017 :iconreaperdeathlove:reaperdeathlove 1 0 ZOMBIE RAVE PARTY, hangovers came the next day by reaperdeathlove ZOMBIE RAVE PARTY, hangovers came the next day :iconreaperdeathlove:reaperdeathlove 1 0 Chaser you have a bloodsucker between your legs by reaperdeathlove Chaser you have a bloodsucker between your legs :iconreaperdeathlove:reaperdeathlove 1 0
((MLP OC)) Winter White's origin ((Story))
Winter White was born on December 25th Christmas day, as a newborn filly of the winter tribe her parents were astonished by the fact her tiny wings and horn were born of pure gold this made the tribe believe she was special and gifted with a god like powers ((which we know readers isn't true)), growing up was the hardest challenge since her tribe kept treating her like an empress goddess thinking if they did she could grant them with gold which they thought was her special talent, it was pretty aggravating for WInter and when she found out she had a twin sister Frosty Snowflake who was a pegasus well it gave her the cope and determination to suffer through the tribes blind greed and selfishness.
few years later she was losing her patience with the tribe, they wouldn't leave her be without asking when she's going to grant them gold or if she was ever going to show her true talent so her cutiemark would show, getting fed up with the greediness of her tribe she left them to go to her secr
:iconreaperdeathlove:reaperdeathlove 0 0
MMD I can fly away from my problems by reaperdeathlove MMD I can fly away from my problems :iconreaperdeathlove:reaperdeathlove 3 0 MMD Happy Birthday Elizabeth by reaperdeathlove MMD Happy Birthday Elizabeth :iconreaperdeathlove:reaperdeathlove 0 2 MMD It is time by reaperdeathlove MMD It is time :iconreaperdeathlove:reaperdeathlove 1 0


Lolitacynder's custom by SapphireScarletta Lolitacynder's custom :iconsapphirescarletta:SapphireScarletta 46 9 Bella x Torrun Clutch |CLOSED by GatoPhilia Bella x Torrun Clutch |CLOSED :icongatophilia:GatoPhilia 19 32 Heart Broken by ShayDoodles Heart Broken :iconshaydoodles:ShayDoodles 4 5 Amber Bust commission by MrxBluexKarlyle Amber Bust commission :iconmrxbluexkarlyle:MrxBluexKarlyle 3 0 Ocarina by Bastiielle Ocarina :iconbastiielle:Bastiielle 4 2 Aurora Sunn by Bastiielle Aurora Sunn :iconbastiielle:Bastiielle 4 0 Fairy Pone by Bastiielle Fairy Pone :iconbastiielle:Bastiielle 4 0 Grim Jr - Rock Ghouls by Silent-Sid Grim Jr - Rock Ghouls :iconsilent-sid:Silent-Sid 423 77 breedable results for reaperdeathlove by SapphireScarletta breedable results for reaperdeathlove :iconsapphirescarletta:SapphireScarletta 23 2 0213 by Pacadex 0213 :iconpacadex:Pacadex 122 3 PD: Arin by 0-AlessandrX-0 PD: Arin :icon0-alessandrx-0:0-AlessandrX-0 19 2 Angela Glitched by Fahstine Angela Glitched :iconfahstine:Fahstine 4 0 Sweet tea by Derpyface673 Sweet tea :iconderpyface673:Derpyface673 2 0 Love is poison by Derpyface673 Love is poison :iconderpyface673:Derpyface673 4 0 Christmas gift 2 by TheWonderB0t Christmas gift 2 :iconthewonderb0t:TheWonderB0t 3 5


i must say the colours work well and the way she is possed looks like she is dancing to the song you had link in your description i say...

Journal History



Can anyone help/tell me if they drew Chelsey my CInnadog?…

I lost some of her artwork from previous owners ((there was two apparently)) and I have no idea who drew most of these as I lost art credit for most. If anyone has drawn her or knows anything please let me know ((I believe she is in the masterlist I have no clue as I got her back in 2016)) 
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Alice the Albino Xenomorph ((disguise form))
I know I know, It's not how a xenomorph should be BUT this is her disguise form when she is around humans, she wants them to believe she is all nicey nice and innocent and such, do not be fooled by her looks she is in disguise/camouflage to trick unexpected prey to her clan when on earth or another planet, her true form is much more deadlier and scarier for a xenomorph call it a corrupted form if you like. 

Name: Alice 

Gender: Female

Species: Xenomorph ((albino)) 

Age: 100

Birthday: 20th of may 1916/15 ((not good with years sorry))

Sexual interest: unsure herself so she is exploring 

Relationship: married to Luna ((when human)) now is single and maybe crushing? 

Type of Xenomorph: Decoy Assassin, Nanny to the babies and facehuggers and personal advisor/helper to the queen of the clan

Traits: has a few human traits than a normal xenomorph should have, has eyes that are blind less she has some kind of glass/lens in front of them to help her see, has albinism in this form, still bleeds acid and has instincts of a normal xenomorph, has a second mouth where that second mouth will bite and spit acid, has a small hidden long tongue in the second mouth for killing reasons ((like suffocating/choking somebody, to eat food or to hold hidden weapons/chemicals in viral bottles like poison)) is a bit taller than the average xenomorph ((due to her albinism)) 

accessories/clothing: wears a winter cape that has white fluff on hood  and top while bottom is made of snowy owl feathers, this is mainly to keep her warm as she is alway cold, wears a metal collar with ruby crosses and a pink diamond heart in the middle, has three different tattoos, butterfly is decoy personal choice so victims think nothing of it and adds to her distraction, ankh heart is for love reasons and the final one is the clan's symbol in some way, all xenomorphs in this clan has this tattooed on them somewhere. 

personality: in her current form she is humorous , caring, cautious, slightly flirty for laughs and persuasive/convincing, She can get easily annoyed by little things and will snap in anger due to it, she is amazing around kids and animals which makes humans trust her slightly and hire her out as a babysitter/nanny, she does sometimes get depressed or lonely when she dwell's on her past or tells herself she shouldn't be around giving how different she is but she hides all this as she can't loose sight of her true nature and goal for the clan, she is well respect among the humans ((foolish on their part)) 

Bio: Alice came to earth after it was suggested she should prove herself to the clan that she can live and be a true xenomorph, the humans when first found feared her and tried shooting her down, she put her claws up in defense to show no harm to them, they took her to the government research lab where they kept her locked in a glass enclosure room, one of the scientist who was put in charge of her well being was fascinated by her and wanted to learn more about her and her kind, they went in and tried very slowly bonding with her like a animal, over time they earned Alice's trust and allow them to do tests and such on her. 

The scientist decided to jump at the opportunity to teach this xenomorph the human ways, they started teaching her how to speak english and read words which didn't take Alice long to pick up on (9about a month or two)) they were very amazed and saw this as a break through which got the government interested, they all decided that alice will be a honorary citizen IF she can prove she is on their side, Alice took this opportunity to give out her clan's enemy ship location and how to destroy it, it took the humans three months to do this but the deed was done, she lead them to believe she was from there ((which is false)) and they allowed her out onto the surface with supervision to see how she handled things. 

Alice never seen anything before on this planet got excited and explored everything enjoying the new smells, tastes, noises ((to a extent)) and just pretty much everything, other humans were scared or wary of her but children was always curious about her and come over to her asking her questions which she would reply with honesty and let them touch or see what is what without hurting them, most of the parents would pull them away from her while some would come over talking to her to get to know her while wary, Alice would explain she used to be a nanny for her kind's younglings for years and just didn't mind the human younglings being curious about her as she quotes "kids will be kids and it is a good way for them to learn about new things" which some agreed with her and had a bit of a laugh, they asked her if she would babysit the kids sometime which Alice replied with a sure, The supervisor who is the scientist who knew her since she arrived was amazed by this sight and how friendly she was towards everyone but she was also wary that this could be a trick but knew deep down alice wasn't like that. 

It took some years but the humans gradually accepted Alice into their home and would talk to her and offer her jobs, in the 3 years she has been on earth she has done 5 different jobs ((babysitter/pet sitter/nanny, Waitress server, Maid, teacher and police officer)) she never stayed at one job for a long time ((except nanny work)) she would constantly be moved around which she didn't mind, she still loved her 5 jobs and would go back to them each time for the first few months then she decided to do them all permanently in the day and sometimes nights throughout the week ((nanny when needed, maid was friday in the day, waitress server tuesday nights, weekends was police officing work, teacher the rest of the days)) her supervisor was very proud of her and decided she deserved a name and to finally know who they really were, They sat Alice down at home and asked her what name would she like to have, they handed her a book of names for girls, boys and unisex, Alice looked through them and decided to pick the name Alice, when the scientist asked what about a middle or a surname Alice just shrugged clearly not sure what to have for them, The scientist decided to give her the full name "Alice Willow Bowker" Alice liked it but was slightly confused by the surname, The scientist explained it was their best friend's surname and they told Alice that their name was Luna and they were a girl but they prefer the term they/them but didn't mind if Alice used She/her for them, Alice finally happy to know who Luna finally was just smiled and said "it is nice to finally meet you Luna". 

Over the years Alice lived with luna in a small cottage house just outside the city, Alice would pay towards the rent and bills while Luna stopped working as a scientist and decided to just be Alice's carer instead, Luna tends to their garden and does the housework and food with Alice's help when she could but Luna didn't mind and Alice was always nice to her, Luna was a 23 year old lady with curly black hair and green eyes, she was 5"6 and was a chubby girl, Alice was much more taller and skinnier than Luna but they always got along, Alice started to explore the relationship side of the humans and her species with luna's help, over the time Luna taught Alice these things she started to develop feelings for the Xenomorph and wanted to be with her, Alice who seem to sense something was wrong with luna asked her if everything was ok, Luna told her how she felt and Alice was fine with it even said they should at least give it a go so they became girlfriend and girlfriend, few years went by and Alice married Luna and earned her uttermost trust, Alice knew she needed now to put what her clan assigned her to do in motion now or else time would be up for her and her clan, when Luna was sleeping one night and Alice came home from work she went to their bedroom where she saw Luna sleeping, Alice contacted one of the clan's xenomorphs to come and deliver the egg that was needed to make Luna their queen Xenomorph, Alice waited by the window spotting the black xenomorph with the white tattoo on his head, Alice went to greet him and took the egg from the bushes for her return, He just nodded and did what was told, Alice went back inside through the window where she went near luna, she placed the egg between Luna's legs as it began to open and a odd looking facehugger came out and attached itself to Luna's entrance, it only took a few minutes till it was done as it dropped off dead, Alice picked it up and the egg placing them inside a duffel bag she had in their closet and went back outside to the waiting xenomorph handing the bag over telling him it's a waiting game now in their own xenomorph language.  

Luna woke up that morning saying she felt odd which Alice replied with a simple maybe you slept funny, Luna didn't notice the changes at first but over the week her body and apperance was changing very quickly, it took Luna a week ((on a sunday)) to notice these changes when she went to shower that morning and saw her reflection in the mirror, she noticed Alice behind her turning round panicked and scared asking her what was happening only for Alice to change into her true form saying "Sorry my love but my clan needs a queen" she then attacked Luna making her pass out form a sleeping drug Alice hid in her second mouth by putting her second mouth to luna's lips where she breathed in the chemical and it's taste went down her throat, Now with a knocked out Luna Alice picked her up carefully and went outside the backdoor way where she contacted her ship to come and pick them up, The ship came and Alice boarded it with their new changing queen in hand, they went out into space and while Luna was still passed out she fully changed into their queen. 

Luna starting to wake up saw the other xenomorphs and Alice who wa sin the middle in front of her looked confused and a bit startled, Alice speaking up in xenomorph language apologised to their majesty for the startle and explained she was their queen and she passed out while she was working herself tired, Luna ust nodding at this holding her head in pain apologising to her subjects clearly forgotten her old human self and only her xenomorph instincts were there she thanked Alice and told everyone to get back to work expect Alice who she wanted to talk in private, Alice told Luna her name and what washer last command which was to get rid of their enemy xenomorphs and their ship which Alice said she was successful, Luna praised Alice and mad eher, her advisor and personal assassin and such which Alice smiled with pride, though deep down Alice felt bad for Luna but when Alice went to leave to get back to work Luna asked her why she had weird feelings and remembers Alice in a cottage and other things which Alice hiding the sadness in her heart with "Maybe you were a human once who was married but why you see me in those foggy visions is probably deep down we may have knew eachother or we may have been together, but I wouldn't know your majesty" Alice departed with Luna saying thank you and sorry, When Alice was alone in her room she let some acidic tears fall whispering "i'm sorry Luna" in english as she looks to the ring on her finger which she took off and decided she was no longer married but a single xenomorph who lost their wife. All she does now is kill, trick and help her queen and clan out when she can but she will never forget Luna's old self and wishes deep down that maybe she might remember fully but knows that is childish wishes. 

Base by: KuznyaDragonOfbaa
Edits: Me 

THis is also on my FA:…
((CROSSPOSTED!)) I have 4 unused toyhouse codes invites so looking for offers ((mainly will look at art or characters, likely paypal and points but art and characters more))
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links to here you can find me or post etc:………

all fan art is welcome or anybody the description is below this on her appearance so feel free to like share subscribe whatever just no rude, bad stuff like comments or hate please

and no Reaper Opal isn't a mlp oc she is a Creepypasta Proxy OC. (she got mutated into a carousel horse at 11 years old)

Personal Quote:never judge a book by it's cover until you read the whole story then make a judgement.

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MMD Pictures Commissions
I am feeling nice and will do these for you lot X3.
got any questions ask me X3. 

for a MMD picture without background it will be 5 :pointsplz:

for a MMD with background it's 10 :pointsplz:
extra character will be 5 :pointsplz:

accessories or items (if I can add it) will be 5 :pointsplz: 
Turn your OC (or exsisting character like below) into your Favorite Pokemon
quite a few people wanted me to carry on with this so I decided to do it as a commission. 

Depending on the Pokemon you and how you want it down the points will vary from easy to super hard which means different prince ranges.
if you don't know which Pokemon is easy or hard etc please come and ask me and I will tell you if i find it easy or hard etc. 
If you want it digitally or traditionally please tell me and no this doesn't cost extra X3. 

Easy Pokemon: 5 :pointsplz:  

Medium Pokemon (a bit more trickier but still do-able): 10 :pointsplz:

Hard Pokemon: (complicated but not extremely detailed): 20 :pointsplz:

Super Hard Pokemon (very very complicated and extremely detailed): 30 :pointsplz:

Easy Legendary Pokemon: 10 :pointsplz:

Medium Legendary Pokemon: 15 :pointsplz:

Hard Legendary Pokemon: 25 :pointsplz: 

Super Hard Legendary Pokemon: 50 :pointsplz:

If you want to add a extra character OC Pokemon then it's 5 :pointsplz:

if you want your OC Pokemon to have extra accessories then that's another 5 :pointsplz: (IF YOUR OC ALREADY HAS ACCESSORIES THEN THAT'S FINE YOU DON'T PAY EXTRA FOR WHAT THEY GOT)

Want a certain background? then it's 10 :pointsplz: can be a picture background or one you already made like in the examples above. (IF YOU PICKED TRADITIONALLY THEN THE BACKGROUND WILL BE LIMITED) 

Now if you want certain things like on the above one has light coming off his glasses or neon flowers and such depends what I can get since I am limited just ask me and if you do that's 1 :pointsplz:  (THIS FEATURE DOESN'T COUNT FOR TRADITIONALLY SINCE I WILL TRY TO ADD THEM IN MY HAND)

If your drawing is traditionally then I will try to draw them in which will cost more sorry ;^;
5 :pointsplz:
Can anyone help/tell me if they drew Chelsey my CInnadog?…

I lost some of her artwork from previous owners ((there was two apparently)) and I have no idea who drew most of these as I lost art credit for most. If anyone has drawn her or knows anything please let me know ((I believe she is in the masterlist I have no clue as I got her back in 2016)) 
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reaperdeathlove has started a donation pool!
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i'd really appreciate it if you lot can donate points so i can point commission people to draw my oc ;) i'm also taking point commissions art trades requests etc just ask though ^^

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